Anne-Sophie Heist is a French-Romanian Photographer who currently splits her time between Shanghai, China, the United Arab Emirates
and Europe.

She was born in France, grew up in southern Germany and after 14 months traveling across Asia settled for studies of Sinology in Vienna, Austria.
From there it drew her back to Asia so she bought a one way ticket to China to work as a photo assistant in Shanghai. 
In 2008 after four years of assisting across a wide range of international commercial assignments, high-profile events, fine art projects
and some time in NYC honing her technical skills at ICP and SVA, she decided to start freelancing on her own full time.

Her focus has always been on intimate storytelling and capturing the authenticity of the moment—preserving a natural glimpse of life while
remaining easy going and high-spirited.

Her German, French, English and Mandarin Chinese compete on a daily basis for attention which sometimes means accidentally
creating a fifth new language altogether . 

When she is not on a paid assignment she tries to give back with her photography and seeks out organizations which could benefit from professional photography.  
She spent time at the David Sheldrich Animal Trust in Kenya in 2014 to whom she donated all the photography she created while there to help raise awareness  
of the current elephant poaching crisis and the ramifications it has on the offspring of the poached parents and the overall ecosystem in Africa.

Recent editorial work includes The Financial Times, How to Spend It Magazine, Monocle Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and BrownBook Magazine.

She is available for assignments globally.